Of Maternity, the Economy and the Manifestation of Good Things

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Business & Economics, Dispatches from the Edge: Editorials, Snapshots of the Good Life
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Over the course of a weekend, after random discussions with my partner and mother about fertility drug treatments, and a good dose of Peter Drucker’s Post-Capitalist Society, I have discovered a fundamental truth that we have often overlooked:  For certain things to happen — be it motherhood or a healthy economy — we in our frail human ways cannot hope to directly create their manifestation out of thin air.  However, what we can do is increase the odds of making things happen.

How do we make such a thing happen? The same way everyone and everything does, by creating the conditions that make this possible.  I just learned that for a woman who wants to be a mother, one or even multiple sessions of fertility drug treatments are not enough. According to The Baby Center, the clomiphene that is administered to a woman stimulates hormones in the brain, to generate one or more eggs, that would be fertilized.  In addition to that, other factors such as increased estrogen levels have to be stimulated artificially.  For a woman to successfully give birth to a healthy child, she must be biologically ready.


In a similar fashion, politicians and economists, with all their rhetoric and cajoling about improving the economy, cannot really be held responsible for whatever headway is made, when the stock markets improve, or when unemployment dies down and jobs appear on the horizon once again. What they can do, however, is create the necessary environment for everyone, people and businesses, small and large.  What they can do is enact legislation that hastens and stimulates savings and earnings for people, and even a little bit of consumer spending that helps businesses go on. As I write, President Obama and Congress are busy working out a new round of budget allocations that would bypass banks and eventually trickle down to businesses, enabling them to hire more and produce more. Even the Federal Reserve, much maligned after its mismanagement of interest rates, is once again back on the bandwagon. After all the finger-pointing in the previous year’s economic meltdown, the long and painful business of recovery and reconstruction must begin.

Is it enough to simply create conditions for birth or manifestation of a desired thing? To create life is one thing; to prolong, to sustain and see it grow is yet another. Motherhood, I’ve come to see and appreciate, isn’t just about seeing a new baby or a new economy in the world. The hardest part, perhaps, is sustenance, seeing the fledgling become mature, able to navigate its way through the wilderness. Or in the world of finance, seeing bonds mature – or having enough capital to be able to call them (which, in banking lingo, simply means gaining enough money to buy ownership back).  In a certain sense, we are all coming of age, once we realize this bit of wisdom.

There’s a family of stray cats living around our residential complex. We first encountered them when we moved in over the summer.  Back then, the kittens were still small enough to cradle in both hands.  Now, all three in the litter are big cats, able to fend for themselves. Sometimes, they’re a bit of a nuisance when they squat in our yard. But they are quiet, determined little survivors. Perhaps they are there to remind us that life thrives, and will continue to thrive, in the places where you least expect it.  All you need to do is believe – to make and be ready for it to happen.

Copyright Anabasius 2009


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